Staff and students learning online


KIT students learning how to use the online learning platform.

This year KIT has completed the major rollout of an online learning platform for staff training and student learning.

KIT has launched an ‘English for Staff’ learning module that has been designed for offering English language improvement training for KIT staff. The Moodle software has been implemented by the Kiribati Facility and supported by the Australian Government.

KIT staff member accesses online English training.

‘English for staff’ is a collection of resources to help build staff English communication skills. This English language learning site is perfectly designed for both teaching and non-teaching staff with a wide range of specifically developed activities that can be done at any time. There are three main sections of the learning site including; Welcome, Build your skills, and, Preparing for staff test.

The ‘Build your skills’ section has practice materials and activities to improve your English skills, whilst ‘Preparing for staff test’ will help you in finding anything you need to prepare for the test. The module has been made accessible to login from KIT’s website for staff on Betio and Bikenibeu campuses.

The English for Staff online learning module was developed with flexibility in mind. Following the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic it became even more relevant to offer online training. However, the model’s flexibility also reflects the range of staff who will be accessing the online learning tools and when it might suit individuals best.

KIT students being inducted into their online learning platform.

KIT delivers all its courses in English, as well as its pre-departure training for overseas employment through the Employment Support Services Unit. Ongoing improvement and training in English is essential to maintain and meet industry English language requirements that can be effectively passed onto students.

Staff have also completed training in using the software to deliver aspects of course training online for students. KIT IT Lecturer, Kaleia Iabeta, said that the software is “highly flexible and easy to implement to meet students’ needs whether you’re teaching IT, business, construction or nursing, you can customise it to suit your students learning style.”

The introduction of online learning for students is designed to increase access and engagement, allowing students to communicate with staff and with each other in forums and discussions. It also allows students to download course content that can then be accessed offline on an app.

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