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More women training in plumbing

KIT supports equal gender representation across all of its courses. This includes encouraging women to participate in non-traditional trades if they wish to. In 2022, KIT saw a particular increase in women’s participation in the Plumbing certificate courses. The KIT plumbing qualification consists of Certificate II in Plumbing, Certificate II in Metal Roofing and Cladding […]

Graduate Profile: Baintakea Teiwaki, Abemama

Baintakea Teiwaki, graduated from KIT Abemama with a Certificate I in English on 3rd December 2022. Baintakea attended school at Chevalier College when she was 16 where she was supported as a student. When Bantakea left school, she began working as a primary school monitor at Te Tongo Primary School in Abemama. While working there, she […]

Investing in people through inclusive education practice

The 24th January is International Day of Education. The 2023 theme is ‘to invest in people, prioritise education’. KIT invests in an inclusive approach to education and seeks to support all students in their choice of training. To support its focus on inclusive education delivery, KIT engaged a group of staff in an online disability […]

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