KIT is proud of its reputation providing skilled, work-ready graduates for in-demand jobs locally and overseas. We maintain close links with industry in Kiribati and the region to ensure our vocational education and training programs are relevant and up-to-date. Visit our facilities page to read about the international-standards facilities we have for all our course areas. Our trades training centre is regionally recognised as a centre for trades training excellence.

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Employment Support Services (ESS)

KIT’s Employment Support Services Centre (ESS) assists graduates to search for jobs, prepare job applications and practice for interviews. We also support i-Kiribati workers to prepare for overseas employment opportunities are organised through the Ministry of Employment and Human Resource (MEHR).

ESS offers English for Hospitality and other preparatory courses for the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme (PALM) formerly referenced Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS), Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP), and Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE).

Pre-Departure support and training courses offered by the ESS

English for Hospitality  |   Preparatory Courses   |  Pre Departure Briefing

I. English for Hospitality

The aim of this course is to prepare I-Kiribati hospitality workers to communicate effectively in English in a range of situations overseas where English is the primary means of communication. This is a 5 weeks course. 4 x 1-hour sessions per day. Topics covered include:

  • Hotel policies.
  • Hotel profiles.
  • Required equipment for the hospitality industry.
  • Guest speakers on specific topics relevant to the hospitality industry.
  • How to read and understand a position description.
  • How to prepare a CV.
  • How to write a job application.
  • Interview skills and undertaking mock interviews.

II. Preparatory Courses for PALM/RSE

The aim of this preparatory course is to prepare I-Kiribati seasonal workers to communicate effectively in English in a range of situations overseas where English is the primary means of communication. The course is customised for both PALM and RSE schemes and workplaces.

The course offers other topics such as interview skills, CV preparation and employer profiles. This is a 4 weeks course. 3 x 1-hour sessions per day and focuses on:

  1. Listening
    • Listen to recordings for listening practice.
    • Watching videos for listening practice.
    • Guest speakers on specific topics.
  2. Reading
    • Reading texts about workplace/safety, etc.
    • Reading of common signs displayed in the workplace.
  3. Writing
    • How to complete forms and applications.
    • Interview Skills.
    • How to understand a position description.
    • Prepare your CV.
    • Interview techniques and mock interviews.

III. Pre Departure Briefing

The Pre-Departure Briefing (PDB) is designed to prepare workers before their mobilization. The course is delivered over 5 days and topics include:

  • Goal setting.
  • Employability skills.
  • Understanding employment contracts and a letter of offer.
  • Employer obligations.
  • Employee obligations.
  • Cross cultural management.
  • First Aid (including CPR).
  • Sexual health.
  • Leadership and management.
  • Team work.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Finance management.
  • IT skills.
  • Workplace, health and safety.
  • Australian laws.
  • Arrival/departure cards.
  • Biosecurity.