Graduate Profile: Baintakea Teiwaki, Abemama


Baintakea Teiwaki [middle] receiving her certificate with her trainers at KIT Abemama, Teitia Aroito and Teitia Baikitea [left and right] .

Baintakea Teiwaki, graduated from KIT Abemama with a Certificate I in English on 3rd December 2022.

Baintakea attended school at Chevalier College when she was 16 where she was supported as a student. When Bantakea left school, she began working as a primary school monitor at Te Tongo Primary School in Abemama. While working there, she was called upon to work as a relief teacher.

The teaching opportunity enabled Baintakea to help support her families and her two children, who she says are her greatest inspirations. After her teaching came to an end she enrolled in a KIT Certificate I in English.

“I was very happy to finally join the KIT course and to get to learn and explore more of the new technologies, knowledge and skills” said Teiwaki.

Baintakea acknowledged the support she received from KIT staff; “The trainers at KIT Abemama are so talented and friendly – we could always have a talk to support our training and they also are flexible to assist at any time.”

Baintakea also acknowledged the Australian Government support they received as students during their training through the Kiribati-Australia Skills for Employment Partnership. In addition to skills training, this support was extended to include lunch for students during their study week so that access to food did not stop students from attending class. For Baintakea, this support encouraged her not to miss classes.

At first, Baintakea found learning English very difficult but as time went on she felt more confident in testing her language skills and took the opportunity to showcase her English proficiency when English speakers visited Abemama.

Baintakea Teiwaki has made KIT a top priority in fulfilling her dreams. For the future, she is interested in being part of the aged care course. She said she has been admiring the way people work in a friendly way with older people and aspires to one day secure a job in aged-care.

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