Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) pilot project


Members of KIT’s Student Support Services team receiving the period products.

Student Support Services at KIT have been working with the support of the Australian Aid funded Kiribati Facility on a pilot project to provide emergency period products and educate female students on menstrual hygiene management.

It was identified in meetings that some female students were missing classes when having issues around their getting their period. The team decided to launch a pilot program that would address some of these concerns and try to remove period stigma through information and access to products.

A supply of disposable period products has been available from the Student Support Services centre for students when they may get caught out having a period without any products with them while attending class at KIT.

Stocks are limited and for emergencies but KIT hopes the campaign will assist students when in need and educate the community on removing shame around periods.

As part of the pilot project, a select group of students from the Bridging program 2020 and Mothers’ Club have been supplied with reusable period products such as washable pads and underwear. Products are accompanied with instructions on how to wear and use them hygienically.

View the link to instructions here.

KIT’s Inclusion and Equity Officer, Meere Maere, is leading the project at KIT and says;

“I hope that from this campaign female students will be able to break the cultural taboo that hinders effective menstrual hygiene management towards it becoming a normal matter, where women can still be among other students when having their period.”

Reusable period products being packed for shipping from Australia to Kiribati for the MHM pilot project at KIT.

In addition to the products, Student Support Services are offering information to students about management options such as using period tracking apps. The aim of the project is to remove taboo about periods and encourage students not to feel shame or embarrassment about getting their period.

More disposable products are already on order to support demand and the development of the project. If you have any questions, please contact KIT’s Student Support Services for more information.

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