KIT receives Kiribati’ first 3D printer


KIT 3D printer with trial print products and accessories.

It might look small and unassuming but this is high-tech!  The Australian Government funded Kiribati Facility has supported the purchase of a 3D printer for Kiribati Institute of Technology – the first to arrive in Kiribati! The printer arrived at KIT in early 2022.

This new piece of adaptive tech equipment will provide access to quality skills training tools for future KIT students.

The 3D printer is currently only used by the IT trainers at KIT to build staff knowledge and training around its capabilities and maintenance. However, KIT plans to build capacity within its School of Applied Technology as well as the School of Nursing and Health to offer real world simulation for its students in certificate courses through a mix of online and in-person training.  It also enables short courses like AutoCAD to design parts.

Kaleia Iabeta, IT Technician, checking that cables are all connected.

It’s like printing dreams into reality” – Kaleia Iabeta, KIT IT Lecturer in School of Business

For the purpose of KIT courses, the capabilities of the 3D printer include printing of mechanical parts, construction models, electrical switchboards, and body casts. Having a 3D printer makes KIT more efficient and adaptive to training needs and industry development.

There is also anticipated demand from outside KIT from organisations or companies who may want to access this type of technology. This increases the skills demand from KIT and adds to its local service capabilities.

The addition of the 3D printer for KIT supports the institute’s ambition to continue as the leading provider for technical and vocational training in Kiribati, equipping its students with relevant skills for employment in the 21st century.


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