KIT and KWCSC sign MOU to support female students experiencing domestic violence


[Left to Right] Teretia Tokam, KWCSC Director; Erimeta Barako, KWCSC President; Bannau Tiiata, KIT Officer in Charge; Mikaere Tioro, Deputy Director for Teaching and Learning

Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Kiribati Women and Children’s Support Centre (KWCSC) have signed an MOU to provide counselling support and referral for female students experiencing domestic violence.

A signing ceremony of the MOU between KIT and KWCSC took place at the KIT Campus, Betio at 2pm 9th November, 2020.

KWCSC is the only centre in Kiribati that provides counselling and referral support for women who experience domestic violence.

The partnership agreement was signed by KIT Officer in Charge Mrs Bannau Tiiata and KWCSC President, Mrs Erimeta Barako. This was also witnessed by KIT’s Deputy Director for Teaching and Learning, Mr Mikaere Tioro together with KWCSC Director, Ms. Teretia Tokam.

“This is just the first step and I hope we will continue on with the best we can provide from our center for KIT women staff and students” Teretia Tokam, KWCSC Director.

“This is a happy moment for our Center…our center encourages gender equality [which] would help KIT to build understanding on Gender Based Issues and to help build better understanding that we are all equal, that women could reach the same potentials as men” said Mrs Erimeta Barako, KWCSC President.

“I believe that we have our Kiribati culture with us and it is important that there is awareness within the KIT community to fully understand Gender Based Issues,” Mrs Bannau Tiiata, KIT Officer in Charge.

The Australian government supports gender equality initiatives through the Kiribati Facility at KIT.

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