KIT Alumni Profile: Tabuia Kautabuki


Tabuia Kautabuki holding his certificate award for completing the meat works training.

Tabuia Kautabuki is a 2016 graduate of Certificate II in Electro-Technology and Sustainable Energy. KIT graduates and I-Kiribati workers have the opportunity through the support of the Australian Government to apply for jobs in Australia as part of the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme (PALM).

Tabuia gained employment under this scheme in 2017 to current. First, he was working in the Hospitality industry for Hamilton Island Enterprise and went onto working in a meat factory for Teys Australia.

Overseas employment can be daunting and that is why KIT has its Employment Support Services unit to provide a community service to its graduates and other I-Kiribati workers to train them in what to expect. Tabuia praises KIT’s support as having “nurtured us with knowledge throughout my KIT lifetime.”

Many of the challenges are learnt along the way, as Tabuia explains;

“Working in a place that you do not come from is very challenging and a bit different from what you expect. Experiences that I have gone through while working here is taking care of yourself, especially with your health, as medical treatments are costly. Other than that, everything is just awesome as long as you take precautions.”

Tabuia adds; “Joining the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme makes me proud because you’re not representing yourself but also your country. Working in Australia is not that simple because you are working and at the same time you are learning new skills.”

While on a solo adventure in Australia, inside a cave.

Among these challenges are cultural differences. There have been examples of I-Kiribati workers in the Australian media who have gathered through song to support each other and lift each other’s spirit by bringing their own culture to their new context.

KIT looks forward to following Tabuia’s employment journey.

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