KIT Alumni Profile: Kutai Rorobuaka


Kutai Rorobuaka, KIT Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

This alumni profile features KIT’s Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Kutai Rorobuaka, who is a 2011 graduate of KIT’s Certificate II in Business.

Kutai enquired with KIT’s administration back at the beginning of 2011 as to what course might be best for her to find future work in. She admired the office staff and their capabilities, and aspired to take on professional responsibilities. After discussion, Kutai took the advice to study business and found the course very helpful in building the skills she would later need to apply in the workplace.

Kutai was very proud to graduate from KIT and encourages others to follow in her footsteps and train at KIT; “I strongly encourage the public to make a difference in their career.” She said she notices the benefits people obtain through their study within the community context.

When asked who inspires her, Kutai said that she considers KIT’s female trade apprentices her role models.

“These women who recently studied at KIT really prove to the community of Kiribati that women are capable of doing jobs such as being an electrician, a construction worker, a plumber and a mechanic.”

Kutai also has a trade qualification in Certificate III in Painting and Decorating from the Australia Pacific Training Coalition.

Her experience in training and at work has influenced her own perception about how women are capable of contributing to the workforce in non-traditional roles.

“Do not underestimate what you have been taught here at KIT. Every course unit plays a significant part in your personal development. It also gives you the best foundation skills before making your way into the working world. Start your day with a positive attitude towards learning and contribute more by putting your heart and effort into completing certain tasks required from you.  What you obtain today will fully support you in whatever endeavors you may wish to pursue in future.” says Kutai.

In addition to being on staff at KIT, Kutai takes her own advice and continues learning by undertaking short courses which help to build her professional profile with applied skills in line with industry expectations of office workers.

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