Clean, green growth



KIT Alumni mangrove planting to protect the shoreline of Kiribati.

In 2021, KIT has increased its efforts to reduce the effects of waste and promote sustainable approaches to the environment through education. It has become an annual tradition for KIT Alumni to come together for rubbish clean-up days on campus and mangrove planting along the shoreline to protect against erosion. These environmentally focussed activities also allow an opportunity for alumni to connect and network post-training, as well as benefiting the community through knowledge exchange and leading by example.

KIT staff using the new water refill station installed earlier in 2021.

For World Water Day this year a water refill station was installed on KIT’s Betio campus to provide access to safe drinking water, and encourage reusable bottles and recycling on campus. Clean drinking water is a valuable resource in Kiribati and forms part of the campus infrastructure with its rain water tanks and the plumbing skills training that is offered to students.

Nunikai Tennaua, KIT Plumbing student, demonstrating water supply at KIT.

Nunikai Tennaua, a KIT Plumbing student explained; ” Water is organic, transparent, colourless and odorless. Plumbers convey water from the outside through buildings or areas that need water (we save and secure water from contamination).”

Solar panel maintenance was undertaken by some of KIT’s second year  students training in Electrotechnolgy. The students doing their practical demonstrated skills in measuring the voltage and short circuit currents across the panels using digital multi meters and clamp on meter.

KIT Electrotechnology students doing their practical using skills to maintain solar panels.

“It is very vital for these students to always do their practical on any given unit, in order to understand it not just in theory but in practice as well, which can make them more ready to do it on their own when they’re exploring other workplaces” said Tiitee Takineti, KIT Electrical Technician.

Sustainable practices and skills have been integrated into a number of KIT programs including environment training for staff and students,  research and presentations in certificate courses, and a reduction in non-recyclable products used on campus.

The KIT community has embraced its response to the challenges presented by the impacts of climate change by implementing sustainable approaches in training, and engaging people at an individual and community level.



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