BIG jobs for MWYSSA and UNICEF focus on access and sustainability


KIT’s Business Incubator Group (BIG) is formed for KIT graduates from courses in construction, plumbing, and electro-technology. BIG’s purpose is to undertake a wide range of trade tasks across Tarawa. BIG also provides work opportunities and skills practice, under the guidance of the foreman and coordinator.

BIG hand wash station prototype for UNCEF built from recycled material

KIT’s Business Incubator Group of trainees have been working on a variety of projects, one of which included the construction of hand washing stations for UNICEF.

In response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, BIG was approached by UNICEF for the construction of a hand washing station prototype.

“The prototype was built out of a used barrel” said KIT graduate Bwaraam Tominiko.

The group believes that the prototype will be an inspiration to the locals;

“We just hope that this is seen by the public so that they can see how important it is to reuse other materials, and to give them the idea on how to convert them into something useful”, he added.

BIG was also given the opportunity by the Kiribati Government’s Ministry of Women, Youth, Sports and Social Affairs (MWYSSA) to paint a permanent zebra crossing for Te Toa Matoa (Disabled Assisted Living Facility). In an interview with Business Incubator Coordinator, Mr. Nanotaake Tenge, he mentioned that the job is a good opportunity for him and especially his team as they don’t usually do civil jobs.

“This is our first civil job, and since it’s a pedestrian lane, we must make sure that it’s safe – and we’re applying an Australian standard on this one” said Mr. Tenge.

BIG working on Te Toa Matoa pedestrian crossing commissioned by the Ministry of Women, Youth, Sports and Social Affairs

Traffic patrol was involved in the work to ensure that the workers were safe. There are eight graduates of KIT working as professional trade trainees in this group, and it took them four days to complete the job. Their Coordinator, Mr. Tenge, led the work at the start and then handed them the rest. “At present I lead, then I leave the rest to them when I know they can do the work” – he said.

The skills training and employment pathways generated by BIG is supported by the Australian Government’s Kiribati Facility which encompasses the Skills for Employment Program delivered through KIT.

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