Alumni Awards Ceremony 2021


Photo caption: The Honorable Minister, Taabeta Amuera Teakai, presents KIT Alumni with their awards.

On the 19th March, KIT hosted an event to acknowledge former KIT graduates’ progress and achievement in their professional fields. Awards were delivered to nominated Alumni for the categories of;


Nanomalie Teairi completed Certificate II in Business from KIT,  then applied for a scholarship to China where she did Economics for five years. When she returned she started her own business. It’s been two years since she first started running her own business and she has done well. She is ambitious about her goal. She has demonstrated hard work, bravery and perseverance. Nanomalie is seen to be one of the successful business women in Kiribati.


Tanoii Teaeki was awarded due to his outstanding performance at his ministry. He was highly recommended by his Supervisor who is a Secretary for the Ministry of Education. With the qualification of Certificate II in Business, he could take up a role of being an Assistant Secretary and currently he is now acting Deputy Secretary. His communication skills and technical skills make him reliable and outstanding.

Ben Matana was awarded for professional achievement for his commitment and initiatives in bringing about better systems to the Kiribati Housing Corporation. Due to his competence and confidence he got promoted to be a supervisor, looking after the automotive section. 

Aekia Toanriki Tewera got a job as soon as she completed doing Certificate II in Business. She started as a Registry Clerk and then managed to win a promotion to become an Executive Assistant. Aekia was awarded due to her attendance, reliability and particularly, for being a good team player.

Pastor Iuti Teeruka was awarded a Certificate II in Business from KIT. He was then put on a temporary basis to work as a Registry Clerk. He transferred to Marine Training Centre and was positively commented on for his commitment, punctuality and respect. He then joined Tangintebu Theological College as a student where his secretarial skills were also utilized by assisting the Tangintebu Reception. Pr Iuti was a valedictorian from Tangintebu Theological College as he won all the academic prizes. He is now a chaplain for students with special needs and can now communicate using sign language.


David Kakiakia graduated as an Automotive technician and he has been very proactive in engaging with youth and community in Betio and South Tarawa. He took the initiative to help out with the production of films to address the issues around youth in terms of unemployment and teenage pregnancy. He had been representing Kiribati at a number of conferences and meetings in the region and outside the region. Currently, he is now a Coordinator for ChildFund Kiribati working with different communities and the youth in particular.

OUTSTANDING ALUMNI (chosen from the winners of the above categories)

Pastor Iuti Teeruka was selected as the overall outstanding prize winner for his passion in helping children with special needs. He’s one of those people that really support these students. He fights for their right to have the right education. He advocates to the public how important these children are. He really supports inclusion and equality. Pastor Iuti is special as he preaches God’s words to all Kiribati people. He serves God’s children by teaching them secular and spiritual knowledge.

“KIT has a lot to offer and looking at this from a business perspective…we believe the things you have learnt from here will contribute a lot in shaping your future career.” said Pastor Iuti Teeruka, the awardee for Professional Achievement and Outstanding Alumnus Award, addressing the Alumni and students in the audience.

The aim of the awards ceremony is to support the development of the Alumni community and provide a professional network. The event was organised by KIT Alumni Liaison Officer, Tenangiruku Tiibi and committee. Tenangiruku acknowledged the Australian Government’s support for the event and its Skills for Employment Program delivered through KIT.

“I would like to give my thanks to all the honoured guests, the awardees, KIT Executive members and staff, all of the KIT Alumni and current students for their presence that made this night very memorable,” said Tenangiruku .

The guests of honour included The High Commissioner Bruce Cowled from the Australian High Commission to Kiribati, High Commissioner Paul Wallis from the New Zealand High Commission, The Honorable Minister, Taabeta Amuera Teakai, and KIT Executive and Officer in Charge, Bannau Tiiata, to celebrate the success of these progressive Alumnus.

The Honorable Minister for Employment and Human Resource said in her address;

“Through your career achievements and engagement with the institute and the community, you have set a standard to which our students and fellow alumni can aspire. You represent the life-changing impact of TVET education and training. Congratulations to you all!”




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