10 years of skills training partnership: virtual morning tea celebration


Standing from left – KIT Officer in Charge, Bannau Tiiata; Tareere Kaitara; Rokobati Tearo; Mikaere Tioro Sitting from left – Kantarawa Nooa; Honorable Minister Taabeta Amuera Teakai; Australian High Commissioner to Kiribati, Bruce Cowled.

On Tuesday 26th January, KIT’s Officer in Charge, Bannau Tiiata, was joined in person by The Honorable Minster for Employment and Human Resource, Taabeta Amuera Teakai and The Australia High Commissioner to Kiribati, Bruce Cowled, at KIT to mark 10 years of skills training partnership supported by Australian aid in Kiribati.

‘Te Katiteuanaaki’, (Kiribati for ‘Inclusion’), is at the heart of the Kiribati Facility delivered through Kiribati Institute of Technology. The past 10 years of skills training partnership has seen significant progress in recognition of gender equality, disability inclusion, and youth engagement.

The virtual morning tea event saw staff, officials and delegates located in Kiribati, Fiji and Australia call in to celebrate the occasion over video conference. The KIT Director and Team Leader for the Kiribati Facility, Jason Flello, and Bannau, opened the event and introduced the guest speakers which included comments from The Honorable Minister and High Commissioner.

The Honorable Minister acknowledged how the partnership “has benefited our I-Kiribati boys and girls who have undertaken training and have managed to secure jobs in Kiribati and abroad with qualifications that are equivalent to Australian qualifications.”

Female student enrolments have increased to more than 50%, students living with disability are supported to study mainstream courses, I-Kiribati youth have returned to training through the Bridging course, and outer island training has grown with the opening of an additional campus on Kiritimati Island and the Bridging course delivery in Abemama.

The partnership has also provided the opportunity for graduates to gain an Australian awarded qualification, to employ local staff, and deliver support services for graduates and I-Kiribati workers towards gaining employment in local and overseas labour markets.

The morning tea provided a shared platform to launch a video and digital publication acknowledging the achievements of the program.

The High Commissioner shared that; “Australia is proud to have supported the skills and technical training of I-Kiribati over the past 10 years.”

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