This course shows prospective employers that you are able to repair desktop and laptop computers. It also teaches how to apply preventive measures and maintain computer systems efficiently and effectively. It also provides basic skills on computer networking via small home office and ensure the system software to maintain and utilize more securely on a server file system.

Course Unit

  • Component of personal computer
  • Safety at work – how to protect people, the environment & components
  • Assembly of a desktop computer
  • Installing and navigating an operating system
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Web Technologies
  • Creating a computer network
  • Installing an sharing a printer
  • Troubleshooting computers
  • Implement basic hardware and software security
  • Utilize business courses to maintain and run industry requirements and policies

Course Duration 

The IT Certificate III course is delivered over four terms, with classes in the day for full time students and a second cohort in the evening for part time studies.