This course starts with developing the English language skills required for everyday use, then those required in a vocational education setting, and finally the skills required in the workplace.

The English Communication skills units of work will provide learners with relevant English language experience needed for effective communication.

What you will learn:

  • Study skills – responsible learning strategies
  • Skills in informal English language use for everyday use, vocational and workplace environments
  • Numeracy in vocational contexts
  • Engaging with public and other information sources to develop a greater understanding of international affairs/contexts
  • Skills in researching and presenting information
  • Understanding and responding to vocational information
  • Understanding and responding to vocational instructions
  • Understanding and completing formatted vocational texts
  • Engaging with complex spoken or written texts
  • Critical thinking and participating in discussions
  • Reading a wide range of texts (general and vocational) and writing extended texts
  • Researching and writing reports
  • Responding to job advertisements including interviews

The KIT English Proficiency course is delivered over four to eight terms as part of courses undertaken by students enrolled in full time courses.